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Kim Horne Art Designer

Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandising

Project Design

Visual Merchandising Catering for

Project Design Catering for

SHOPPING MALLS   (Christmas Presentations, Entry Displays, Seasonal Displays, Atmospherics, Retailer Training & Consulting) 

RETAIL GROUPS   (Merchandising, Consulting, Training and Design)

INDIVIDUAL RETAILER  (Merchandising, Consulting, Training and Design )

ADVERTISING AGENCIES  (Merchandising Small and Large Campaigns)

COUNCILS  (Event and Exhibition Merchandising)

PUBLIC + PRIVATE REALMS  (Merchandising Support, Consulting and Training)

CORPORATE ORGANISATIONS  (Product Launches, Exhibitions, Trade Shows)

RETAIL  (Christmas Decorations, Promotional Events, Shop Fittings, Signage, Visual Merchandising)

ARTISTS  (Artwork, Fabrication, Logistics, Installation)

ARCHITECTS  (Objects, Specialist Pieces, Bespoke Elements)

COUNCILS  (Street Furniture, Public Artworks)

ENTERTAINMENT  (Set, Prop, Costume Design + Fabrication, Pop-Up Activation)

INTERIORS  (Bespoke Light Fittings, Furniture, Design Elements)

PUBLIC + PRIVATE REALMS  (Anything You Can Imagine….)

Kim Horne - Art Designer - Visual Merchandiser

Kim like’s to work collaboratively and interdisciplinary with his clients and team members. He looks for innovative and long lasting relationships..

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Perth. Sydney, Gold Coast.





Art - Christmas Design - Fabrication - Artist Services - Events- Unique Projects-Visual Merchandising Consultant

Art Design – Fabrication – Events- Unique Projects - Retail Christmas Design

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