Kim Horne Art Designer

Visual Merchandiser


Kim like’s to work collaboratively and interdisciplinary with his clients and team members. He looks for innovative and long lasting relationships..

My Services

Visual Merchandising Consulting-Training

Give yourself the competitive edge VM training provides invaluable skills for you and your staff in design, merchandising, signage and layout. Learn how to create impact with practical and creative display techniques that attract and inspire customers AND increase sales. MORE…

Inflatable Design and Supply

If you need to make a real statement then an inflatable is your answer, illuminated, multitude of designs and sizes at reasonable cost.MORE…

Christmas Design and Supply

Kim is fearless about taking on challenges! With collaboration at his core, he is ready to work with you to craft a winning solution. He excels at listening, and then acting on your needs, to deliver a successful project outcome. Art – Design – Fabrication – Artist Services – Events- Unique Projects MORE…

Art Design – Fabrication Events- Unique Projects

Kim specialises in designing, and supplying Christmas decoration concepts for  retail outlets, shopping centres and corporations. MORE...

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Perth. Sydney, Gold Coast.



Art - Christmas Design - Fabrication - Artist Services - Events- Unique Projects-Visual Merchandising Consultant

Art Design – Inflatables – Events- Unique Projects - Retail & Christmas Design