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Kim Horne Woodwork

Western Australian artist Kim Horne has an exquisite skill for sculpting native timbers, transforming them into stunning art pieces that depict various objects and animals, with additional detailing using brass inlays. Kim’s sculpting techniques are unique, blending traditional hand carving methods with contemporary designs.

Creeping Hound 2

Natural Beauty

Each piece Kim creates uniquely pays homage to the natural beauty and textures found within the Western Australian timbers he works with, such as jarrah, marri and sheoak. He treats each piece of wood as an individual canvas, laboriously working with the grain to form different shapes, figures, and forms. His specialty is with animal figures and other creations. Added to this, is his skillful use of brass inlays, which enhances the natural beauty of the timber and brings a unique character to each piece he sculpts

Art Design

Horne’s passion for community involvement often sees his involving locals in the creation process. He’s adept at workshops and group projects, creating a sense of collective ownership and pride around his installations. His approach fosters a deeper connection between the artwork and the community, ensuring his installations are not just seen as objects, but as part of the location’s identity.

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