Australian Timber Creations

Here are the latest offerings from my love of turning natural organic and recycled items into a useful and sculptural pieces. Prices on request.

Commissions welcome.....


Timber, has its own natural color enriched by using  French Polishing techniques, resulting in a warm lustrous finish with highlights of gold gilding and polished metals.
Stylish useful beautiful quality floor and  table lamps, to be enjoyed  by you.
I have put together a functional and decorative collection for you to enjoy!

I am excited to have crafted my new inspirations from Australian recycled timber, with no piece being the same this has allowed me to be inventive, digging into my creative mind and vision.


New pieces being added weekly

River Bank #2

I am really happy with ‘River Bank 2#’ representing rivers of south east WA (elegant rustic with a hint of steampunk) sculptural lamp from a jarrah floor board and scrap piece of Western Australian sheoak with LED’s and french polished, 900mm High


Como Jetty

Como Jetty finished sea and jetty from a split Jarrah plank recycled from the old Como Jetty South Perth,  french polished, LED lighting and gold gilding. 1000mm High

River Bank 1#

Something very different “River Bank” Representing water flowing thru gorges in the outback WA. Sculpted  from Queensland Cedar, Pine, Jarrah, LED lights and French polished enjoy. 850mm High

Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge Lamp form Marri and Jarrah representing the opal mines from outback NSW, LED lighting, french polished and gold gilding. 900mm High


Jetty, 100 year old jetty spikes and a recycled plank of Marri from Fremantle. Sculpture represents the ocean and shoreline of Fremantle WA with the LED lights, french polished and gold gilding. 1000mm High

Futuristic Elegance

Lamp inspired by mid century design French Polished Jarrah with LED lighting and copper metal finish. 750mm High


A special piece representing two hands praying with central ascending prayers, using Western Australian Sheoak, Jarrah, 600mm High

Sculptured Bedside Lamp

Sculptured Bedside Lamp (Elegant Rustic with a hint of Steampunk) Sculptured from Jarrah and inlay sheoak with LED lights, french polished and copper metal trim. 650mm High

Sculptured Presentation Gift

A commission that I was delighted to do for an organisation long serving secretary, using jarrah, old jarrah and gold gilding with French polishing. 450mm High

Organic Floor Lamp

Organic shapes, have there own natural color I enrich by using the French Polishing technique, resulting in a warm lustrous finish with highlights of gold gilding . Stylish useful beautiful quality LED floor lamp, 1000mm High

Wooden Jewellery

Coming next Month our range of beautiful timber jewellery.

Sculptured Keepsake Boxes

A keepsake box is a great gift, I still cannot get over how beautiful nature is, there is  no stain used on these boxes all natural colours just beautiful sheoak and jarrah. Contact Kim for further information boxes made to order

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